GPZ750 Ninja/Turbo (1985)

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Improved stator alternator Kawasaki Suzuki GS - CARG041

Size: 104.5/38/20 (Click for explanation) Among others suitable for: Kawasaki KEF300 Lakota stator generator alternator 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999...

€97,41 Inc VAT
€80,50 Ex VAT
CARR141 Kawasaki MOSFET Voltage regulator rectifier

Modern MOSFET Voltage Regulator / Rectifier - CARR141 1 year warranty Plug&Play Amongst others suitable for: Kawasaki KLT200 voltage regulator...

€92,57 Inc VAT
€76,50 Ex VAT
Kawasaki GPz750 Z750 CDI replacer 21119-1119

Improved Kawasaki GPz750 Z750 CDI Replacer 21119-1119 Plug&Play For: Kawasaki Z750 Turbo CDI Kawasaki ZX750E CDI Kawasaki GPz750 CDI 1984 1985 On.

€361,79 Inc VAT
€299,00 Ex VAT
Kawasaki GPz750 GT750 ZX750 CDI (21119-1069)

Improved Kawasaki GPz750 GT750 ZX750 CDI Replacer 21119-1069 Plug&Play For: Kawasaki GT750 CDI Kawasaki GPZ750 CDI Kawasaki GPX750 CDI Kawasaki...

€361,79 Inc VAT
€299,00 Ex VAT
Varta YB12A-A / 12N12A-4A-1

Technical information: JIS Code: YB12A-A / 12N12A-4A-1 VARTA Code: 512 011 012 A51 4 Size: (lxbxh): 136 x 82 x 161 mm Capacity [Ah]: 12 CCA: 120A...

€44,50 Inc VAT
€36,78 Ex VAT
Varta YB14L-A2 / 12N14-3A

Technical information: JIS Code: YB14L-A2 / 12N14-3A VARTA Code: 514 011 014 A51 4 Size: (lxbxh): 136 x 91 x 166 mm Capacity [Ah]: 14 CCA: 140A Pole..

€49,50 Inc VAT
€40,91 Ex VAT
Yuasa 12N12A-4A-1

€43,00 Inc VAT
€35,54 Ex VAT
 Sold Out 
Kawasaki Suzuki Alternator Voltage Regulator- RTRG25

Modern improved Voltage Regulator - RTRG25 1 year warranty Before replacing this Regulator please check the OHMs reading on your rotor, a reading of..

€105,88 Inc VAT
€87,50 Ex VAT

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