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Chiptuning / ECU Flashing for Yamaha XT1200Z


CLICK HERE, for downloading the flashing form (PDF)
or as Word document (DOC)
(Filled in example)


Customize your own tune file, possible ECU modifications:

* Improved fuel maps
* Improved ignition maps
* Remove factory timing retard
* Remove throttle restrictions
* Increased idle
* Increased rev limiter
* Remove speed limiters (gear dependent)
* Reduce excessive engine braking/improved deceleration
* Improved throttle control & reaction
* Remove injector shut-off on deceleration
* Eliminate factory “error codes” **
  (removing the exhaust servo motor * O2 sensors * steering dampers * pair valve AIS system)
* Injector phasing adjustment
* Velocity stack switching adjustment (variable stacks only)
* Race fuel mapping

 ** Not possible for Mitsubishi ECU´s

All ECU’s can be reprogrammed back to their stock settings at any time. (Fees will apply)




If this ECU flash is used for a 2016+ bike you will need a OBD2 Harness and Code Reader to clear fault codes after flashing. A local dealer can provide this service.


Bij het flashen van een 2016+ motorfiets hebt u een OBD2 stekker en uitlees apparatuur nodig om foutcodes te wissen na het flashen. Een locale dealer kan dit voor u verzorgen.


Product Image Item Name- Price
XT 1200 Performance ECU Flash Tuning

If you wish to purchase a XT1200 Performance ECU flash your fuel injection maps and/or ignition maps will be improved. We focus on engine performance.

€260,15 Inc VAT
€215,00 Ex VAT
Yamaha Race Tools 2 including High Performance ECU Flash Tuning

Yamaha Race Tools 2 YFZ-R1 2009-2014  FJ09-MT09 Tracer 2014-2017 MT09 2014-2015 MT09 2016-2017 MT-09SP 2018-2019 FZ-09 2014-2016 MT-10 / MT10SP/...

€749,00 Inc VAT
€619,01 Ex VAT
Yamaha Race-tools 2 optional to High Performance ECU Flash Tuning

Yamaha Race Tools 2 The Race Tools package allows you to add Autoblipper, Quickshifter, Pit Speed Limiter and Launch Control to the Stock ECU. The...

€499,00 Inc VAT
€412,40 Ex VAT

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