Jimny 1.3 16v 85 HP

Chiptuning / ECU Flashing for Suzuki Jimmy 1.3 16v 85 HP



Customize your own tune file, possible ECU modifications:

* Improved fuel maps
* Improved ignition maps
* Remove factory timing retard
* Remove throttle restrictions
* Increased idle
* Increased rev limiter
* Remove speed limiters (gear dependent)
* Reduce excessive engine braking/improved deceleration
* Improved throttle control & reaction
* Remove injector shut-off on deceleration
* Eliminate factory “error codes” **
  (removing the exhaust servo motor * O2 sensors * steering dampers * pair valve AIS system)
* Injector phasing adjustment
* Velocity stack switching adjustment (variable stacks only)
* Race fuel mapping

 ** Not possible for Mitsubishi ECU´s

All ECU’s can be reprogrammed back to their stock settings at any time. (Fees will apply)

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