S4 S4R

Ducati Tellerunit | Dashboard | cockpit | toerenteller | Display:
- S4

- S4R
OEM number: 40610404B
Common problem:
- Dashboard doesn't do anything
- Speedometer doesn't work or doing weird
- Tacho doesn't work or doing weird video
- Direction indicators doesn't work


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Frais de recherche Dashboard 1

Click here for the Test/Repair form Testing Ignition unit You pay this amount if your unit has been tested by Carmo. Testing within 3 working days...

€57,50 Inc VAT
€47,52 Ex VAT
Coûts de réparation Dashboard 3

Click here for the Test/Repair form Réparation Contre l'unité We have several fixed repair prices, 0 to 5, as indicated by each...

€235,95 Inc VAT
€195,00 Ex VAT
Quick Service Dashboard repair

Extra costs for fast service We can offer the selected service in one day. Delivery before 10:00, ready after 16:00, Monday to Friday Team-Carmo

€50,00 Inc VAT
€41,32 Ex VAT

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