ZZR600 (21119-1364, J4T04271, 21119-1384) CDI computer controller brain

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CDI TCI Coûts de Réparation - Révision 2

CLICK HERE, for downloading the Test/Repair form (PDF ) or as Word document (DOC ) Repair price Ignition unit (sealed / potted CDI, TCI ,brain) You..

€221,50 Inc VAT
€183,06 Ex VAT
Remplacement 2

Digital Replacer unit - 2/3 out For this price Carmo replaces the entire board of your unit by a new advanced version. You have to send us your unit..

€345,00 Inc VAT
€285,12 Ex VAT
Kawasaki ZZR600 CDI replacer 21119-1364

Improved Kawasaki ZZR600 CDI Replacer 21119-1364, J4T04271 Plug&Play For: Kawasaki ZZR600 CDI Kawasaki ZZR600E CDI Kawasaki ZX600 CDI Kawasaki...

€361,79 Inc VAT
€299,00 Ex VAT

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