CB900C Custom (1980-1982)

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Alternatore - CARG211

Among others suitable for: Honda CB750C Custom (DOHC) 1980 1981 1982 Honda CB750F Four Bol d'Or (DOHC) 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 Honda CB750F2...

€148,83 Inc VAT
€123,00 Ex VAT
CARR211 MOSFET Raddrizzatore del regolatore di tensione

MOSFET Raddrizzatore del regolatore di tensione - CARR211 1 anno di garanzia Plug&Play Amongst others suitable for: Honda CBX600E Raddrizzatore...

€90,15 Inc VAT
€74,50 Ex VAT
Honda CB Rotor - RO9

Carmo electronics can rewind / overhaul this rotor for you or deliver a rewound / overhauled one out of stock. We offer 3 years warranty on rotor...

€169,40 Inc VAT
€140,00 Ex VAT
Honda CDI MC-5194 OKI MPS200 (CARCD19001)

Improved CARCD19001 CDI-box MC-5194 OKI MPS200 Your bike will perform better with this advanced ignition unit from Carmo electronics! *Plug and Play*.

€68,30 Inc VAT
€56,45 Ex VAT
Varta YB14L-A2 / 12N14-3A

Technical information: JIS Code: YB14L-A2 / 12N14-3A VARTA Code: 514 011 014 A51 4 Size: (lxbxh): 136 x 91 x 166 mm Capacity [Ah]: 14 CCA: 140A Pole..

€49,50 Inc VAT
€40,91 Ex VAT

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